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Week Two: Sydney attractions and a bit of Urban Exploration


What do you do when you’re fresh off the boat (err, plane) and in a foreign city? Get a tourist guide and go crazy of course!

Credit: State Library, NSW

Credit: State Library, NSW

Before I arrived to Sydney I’d been scouring the interwebs for attractions and activities I wanted to do; this is a working-HOLIDAY after all. As last week’s blog detailed, I was greeted with open arms and heaps of plans, both of which were a welcomed relief. However, there’s no better way to get to know a city than to get out and walk around, explore, discover, get over the anxiety and talk to a local (still working on this part).

Urban Exploration 

So, on a Monday morning I turned up in Sydney CBD (central business district) bright eyed and bushy tailed as they say and made my way across Darling Harbour. First observation: these Sydney business folk wear a lot of black! They seem to be a cheery bunch so maybe it’s just the whole “black goes with everything and is uber professional” thing but my white long sleeve and baby blue jeans surely stood out in the sea of black suits and ties.

Once on the Pyrmont side of the Harbour I found a cute little coffee shop called Antidote… a fitting name for anyone who has ever suffered caffeine withdraws. I collected my flat white (basically caffe au lait) and was on my way to the Maritime Museum (covered in last week’s post).¬† Continue reading

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Week One: Chocolate, Wine and Maritime

Beat JetLag… simple.

After safely (barely) making it up to Avoca Beach (approximately 90km north of Sydney) I settled in and took a day to relax and adjust. I’d read the key to avoiding jetlag is not napping upon arrival and staying awake until local “bed time”. So I did just that and luckily had no issues with jetlag and adjusting to the time difference.

Saturday shops and Chocolate eatery

auschocomeSaturday morning we made our way to the local shopping plaza which is made up of indoor and outdoor shops and eateries. A normal shopping plaza by more regards but I mention it because of San Churros… an eatery that uses Spanish chocolate in every menu item they have. In other words: THE MOST AMAZING EATERY EVER! Of course being the sugar-addict I am, this place was heaven! The menu consists of everything from churros, to fondue, to shakes to banana parfaits.

Hunter Valley, NSW Wine Country 

Sunday we drove the 75 or so minutes north to the Hunter Valley region.


Pepper Tree Wines

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Sydney: Let the Journey Begin

After two weeks of snaking through the south-west to see friends and family before taking of to “The Land Down Undah” for a year I boarded a plane in Seattle headed to Sydney by way of LAX. The anticipation of starting a new journey (as well as a 27 hour travel time) grew as my departure time grew closer.


First stretch: Alaskan Airlines

Who knew Alaskan Airlines was so nice?! Not only do they have charging docks at almost every seat in their waiting area, they also offer great food at a price that doesn’t leave you broke before you hit your destination. I was able to get the Mediterranean Tapas option which was hummus, whole grain crackers, raw almonds, 72% Endangered Species chocolate square, dried apples/apricots and olives for only $6 as well as my complimentary drink.

Luckily, I don’t suffer from travel anxiety about flying like a lot of people do, but if I did I would want this flight crew for every flight. The stewards were joking around and very relaxed- professional, but fun. During the “In Case of An Emergency” schpeel (which is normally my least favorite part of the flight) the two women demonstrating were having a competition of who presented it best. When your job is showing people how to fasten a seat belt it never hurts to make it as fun as possible.

LAX: To Hell with Your Construction


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